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Zambia is a country in southern Africa it’s blessed with rugged terrain and diverse wildlife and many national parks and tourist attractions.

Zambia is landlocked in the southern part of the continent the country is blessed with an abundance of wildlife, amazing inspiring natural wonders, vast open space, and huge water bodies. A trip to this amazing country will offer you a memorable safari due to the variety of different attractions and you will get a chance to test on the real African experience and wild.

The country alone is believed to be home to over 2500 lions along with several national parks, lakes, rivers, waterfalls, and historic monuments. The country is believed to be one of the safest countries in the world and its citizens are so friendly and welcoming, so you don’t need to worry about anything when planning a trip to this country.

Tourism is the major and fast-growing industry in the country,

How do you want to get around in Zambia?

There are several ways you can get around Zambia and in case you are a first-time visitor to Zambia 4x4 Self Drive Africa Ltd is here to help you go through all the possible solutions you can use to explore this amazing destination.

Explore Zambia on Self Drive - Self Drive Car Hire

No matter the reason why you want to rent a car in Lusaka Zambia and other destinations in the country, 4x4 Self Drive Africa Ltd is offering all types and a wide range of 4x4s at very friendly prices. We can organize and you receive your 4x4 hire at the Kenneth Kaunda International Airport on the day of your arrival in the country or we can also deliver it at your hotel or at your place of residence you just have to inform us how you want to get your 4x4 hire.

We have all the famous 4x4 vehicles like the Ford Ranger, Toyota Land Cruiser, Nissan Patrol, and other models.

Zambia is among the best self-drive destinations on the African continent and this led to the establishment of many car rental agencies in the country. For those looking for an adventurous experience in Africa like wildlife, culture, and amazing natural beauty, Zambia is the best destination to visit. This country found in the southern part of the continent had some political crisis in the previous decade however it is well and truly back on track and the safari destination to visit in Africa.

Hire a Car with a Driver to get around Zambia

For those who would love to explore Zambia, but wouldn't feel safe to drive in a foreign country, 4x4 Self Drive Africa Ltd have well trained and experienced tour guides with enough knowledge about the country and its attractions.

Even those on projects and business trips to Zambia, we have professional and experienced drivers who can drive you to any point in the country at a very competitive rates.

Hiring a driver in Zambia, you get a chance to get huge discounts on car rental and even its the driver who is questionable on everything that happens to the vehicle meaning you will just seat back and enjoy the safari without any pressure.

4x4 Hire with a drive in Zambia

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