Safety Tips on Uganda’s Rough Roads

Is Uganda your dream destination? Have you ever driven on rough or rugged roads in a new destination? Well, as the year starts, usually most remote routes which connect up to the protected areas where most of Uganda tours are conducted tend to be rough, making it a big challenge for visitors to reach to your dream destination. Some parts like Bwindi National Park and Kidepo valley are impassable especially in rain seasons. Therefore, a strong 4wd vehicle is highly recommended.

Things can even be worse than you may think especially during the rainy season depending on the route that you take. You will at least encounter potholes that make the routes rougher and pose several challenges while you drive to your dream destination. Usually, this kind of situation leaves with no options but to embark on a journey on the same routes. However, you have to be equipped with some tips to help you have a successful safari while on rough routes in Uganda or any destination. They include;

  • Slow down

If you are such a type who likes high gear, it is high time you slowed down once you set in any poor conditions it can be the weather or the nature of the roads. Otherwise potholes may cause severe impact on a car hire tyres or even your own car, shocks, suspension or alignment. So, if you are to continue driving on roads with such extreme conditions, make sure that you keep your gears low.

  • Where possible drive in the passing lane

This usually applies with four (4) lane routes when each one is driving slowly. You may have realized that heavier loads and tractors trailers always drive in the passing lane and all the weight cause ruts in the roads.

  • Don’t forget emergency gears

Imagine you are driving on high speed on rutted route and the tyre pops out and worse of it you never carried any necessary equipment to help you solve the problem as soon as possible. To avoid this kind of scenarios from happening, make sure that you have packed a tire jack, shovel, jumper cables, spare tyre, cell phone and first aid kit and others.

  • Avoid driving on the rough routes

Usually, it is important to have assumption that there an optional route that you can take which gets you out of the rugged roads. In case you are in position to give yourself some time, you will certainly enjoy a smooth journey.

  • Take note of precautions

If you are planning to drive on rough routes, the perfect alternative is hiring a 4×4 safari car. But make sure that you drive as slow as you can and faster where possible depending on the road condition. A 4 wheel safari cars are powerful for one to drive in most of the remotest areas on Uganda.

  • Be in control

Driving is a technique which requires vitality and a bit of versatility. Make sure that you drive gently and ensure that you avoid excessive wheel spin and abrupt brakes and selecting the right gear.

Drive safety

Safe driving requires one to pay maximum attention to details that can be as small as buckling up, proper handling of the steering wheel and the way that you can maximize use of the pedals.

  • Safety belt

Safety belt has a primary restraint system. The 3 point primary restraint system features shoulder, chest and lap. The momentum is equal to what the primary restraint system tries to avoid.

  • Load limit

Most people like overloading vehicles without having any knowledge of danger of such practice. You ought to be keen on what weight you are to carry and ensure that it can be accommodated by the safety belt.

  • Seat adjustment

Vehicle seats are always adjustable and the way you will position them in place also matters a lot. For example it is important that you first put the legs prior adjusting the seat. The legs must be on clutch adjusted between 30 and 40 degrees for manual drive cars.

In conclusion, driving in any destination requires any intending travelers to pay maximum attention in any kind of road. Driving on rough road is ideally challenging but with the above tips, we believe that they will be of great help to you and you will have a smooth journey in Uganda.