Best Car Rental Companies in Kenya

Driving the most recent model of cars doesn’t mean you need to purchase another vehicle. It might wind up exceptionally costly to keep up. In all actuality, it is burdening to go for a long safari using public transport particularly in case you have plans of traveling with family. Luckily, there are various self-drive car rental services in Kenya that are easy to find and book. Currently, you don’t need to worry about a new vehicle or stressing yourself with public transport when there are cheap and reliable car rental services inside reach. The secrete lies in knowing the right car rental agency to contact for your necessities.

List of some reliable car rental companies in Kenya
Hiring a car for self-drive in Kenya may appear as though you’re the easy way out, yet things can easily go wrong in case you choose the wrong car rental agency. Aside from checking the rates of the car rental agency, different things should be looked at. Car rental services are helpful for travelers who can’t afford to buy a car for some reason. In case you need to move around frequently yet don’t own a vehicle; then this is the best choice that you have. Thusly, having a couple of rental agency names that you can call to hire a vehicle would be exceedingly valued. Luckily, there are reliable and trusted car rental companies in the country who will supply you with the vehicle you need as long as you concur with the terms and conditions.

VAELL Company

This is one of the car rental companies that are effective in offering car rental services. It is situated in Nairobi on Gold Rock Building along Mombasa road. The agency has some expertise in renting out cars and vehicle equipment in bulk and for longer terms for nationals and tourists planning to visit Kenya on self-drive trips. Discovering agencies offering car rental services in Kenya with rates that are reasonable but also affordable isn’t easy. The way that the agency is already established gives it more ground to supply the best vehicles for travelers in Kenya.

4×4 Self Drive Kenya Ltd

This is one of the best car rental companies in the country and they work to guarantee that their clients get the best services they can afford. This is a company working mostly online the thing that allows clients to check online find their favorite vehicles and book without even leaving their office. Travelers can also book the car for as long as they want to. On the off chance that you don’t have a driver and are incapable of driving, you can also request a driver at an additional price. You can access the services of 4×4 Self Drive Kenya Ltd through their website or even you can visit their offices in Nairobi. This company doesn’t only offer car rental services, they also offer safaris and tours to East African destinations and also offer safari vehicles.

Active Car Hire and Safaris

Active Car hire and Safaris offers slightly different car rental services as it only specializes in renting out vehicles to clients going on a self-drive safari in Kenya. This company offers the perfect vehicles that were designed to navigate through rough roads of Africa, for example, they are offering only four-wheel-drive vehicles. The company additionally diversifies its services by giving overload trucks for rental and 25-seater mini busses. In case you are searching for a car rental company that can offer large cars for you and your friend’s trip, then this is the best company to deal with.

Market car hire – Nairobi, Kenya

This is one of the oldest and reliable car rental agencies in Kenya. It is a full-service car rental company that was established in 1966. Throughout the years the company’s services have developed from simple daily car hire services to a company that offers a scope of rental services. These incorporate airport transfer and drop-off, long-term renting, and in addition, customized safaris.

Elite Car Rental

It prides itself on offering the best car rental services in the country. It offers no commitment vehicles in Kenya. Their daily rental vehicle types incorporate station wagon, saloon vehicle, van rental, off-road rental vehicles, and double cabin vehicle.