Tips for hiring a car in Rwanda

Hiring a car in Rwanda is not as complicated as it used to be especially during the post-genocide era. It is very possible that visitors can find a car immediately after landing at Kigali international airport. The only thing requested of travelers is just filling in the necessary documents as given by the car rental provider.

The best way to hire a 4×4 car in Rwanda is just by hitting the internet and book it direct online and pay for it in advance. Early bookings help travelers not to waste time at the airport, the moment you land the car is available for either your hotel transfer or even to the other destinations.

Before planning to hire a car in Rwanda, the visitor should ensure that they possess a valid international driving license that is accepted in Rwanda, and other identity documents such as valid passport or national identity card which are supposed to be valid during the day for the hire. No car rental company in Rwanda will ever rent a car to any guest without clear identification and proof that shows the client is eligible to drive a car. A car can be handed to the guest if only they issue clear identification documents and licenses.

Before the client and the car service provider sign any deal, the client is supposed to read each of the detailed terms of the car rental company and carefully comprehend it with best language possible. The guest ought to make sure that he/she is fairly charged and all other expenses that will be incurred must be explained and put in to the pricing package to come up with a final total. This is vital because it will help the client from incurring extra charges that may arouse from other unknown expenses.

In any country you visit, when hiring a car it’s important to inquire the fuel policies, because car rental companies in Rwanda have different policies in relation to re-filling.  In Rwanda, some companies include the fuel expenses in the total charge whereas other companies don’t include it, however, most companies deliver the car with quarter tank and you have to return it with same amount of fuel as you received the car, and no refund for unused fuel.

Knowing the fuel filling policies helps in case of self fueling and; aspects such as the prevailing fuel prices per liter, to help in calculating the distance to be traveled while exploring Rwanda and sum up the total amount needed for the car hire. This is the best way to budget for the money that will be used on hiring the car.

Many countries in Africa have different insurance covers on accidents, likewise in Rwanda; car rental companies have different insurance covers on different phenomena, like accidents, fire, third party, etc.

Clients should be aware that all damages that will be incurred while travelling are covered by the insurance paid for and few liabilities that will not be much draining in to the clients expenses. The most vital thing is, as you choose a car hire company; go for the one that has comprehensive insurance cover for all its vehicles.

Car hire in Rwanda is a big experience on its own, and self-driving is the best option to explore the land of thousand hills, primates including the mountain gorillas and cultures. There are numerous car types like land cruisers, Rav4s, super customs, jeeps, among others that are perfect for exploring Rwanda.

What’s most interesting and exciting about car hiring in Rwanda is that there is freedom of touring the country at the visitors own pace and on a cheaper cost compared to public transport especially when travelling with a family and luggage.

In Rwanda, most car rental companies have the offer of one way rental services where guests can rent the car from one station and park it in another location, for example, you can rent a 4×4 car in Kigali for your safari and drop it in Nairobi, Kampala, Arusha or Dar-es-salaam.