Car Parts to Check Before The Rainy Season Begins

There is absolutely no need to explain how rain can be dangerous for your car, and your life as well. The rainy season is almost over. So it’s better to be prepared for whatever may happen. With the help of experts, these are some of the most important parts of your vehicle that you need to check before the rainy season begins.

Ball Joint and Tire Rod Ends

These are very useful parts of the car and are available in many cars. They are located between the front wheels and they are both parts of the front suspension and the steering system. They are circular berths, and they operate just like the last joint of the human knee. They do a very important part of integrating the safety of the car with the hands of the car’s tires. They all affect your ability to decide which direction the car should go. In short, if these break down, then you can’t steer the car and it can move in any direction. So it is very important to check them in advance and replace them if they are warn-out, especially before the rainy season begins. Experts suggest that listening to early warning signs of Ball Joint and ‘Tire rod ends’ such as:

  • Sounds Ring knocked from the front tires
  • Excessive vibration from the front suspension
  • Vehicle security is interesting on one side (Right or Left)

If you experience such symptoms, and even if they do not all occur, then it is best to prepare in advance before the disasters come.


Brakes are very vital when it comes to driving during the rainy season. But strangely, many people neglect to check and replace them. The reason is that they are used every day. So it is best to inspect them in advance and replace them if necessary before conditions worsen before the rainy season begins.

Check Tires

This is not a double thought. Tires mounted on car tires are not for decoration. They are specially designed for removing water and moisture that can stay between your tire ball and the road thus causing the vehicle to slip. When the tires wear too much, they remain loose. While on a dirt road, it causes the car’s direction to be easily compromised due to the lack of a solid connection between the tire and the road. It can lead to accidents and even serious consequences such as death. So before we get to the rainy season and your car’s tire tires, this is the right time to think about the new tire.

Check the Suspension System

You can never forget the ‘Suspension’ system during the rainy season. Water is known for its degradation especially in metals. In the operating system, much of the ‘Suspension’ is covered with balls and plastic to prevent water from flowing. But most of the time these balls get heated and they crack. So make sure too early, before the rainy season comes, and get your car inspected especially since these parts that need to be covered with balls are still tight. Otherwise, the cost of repairs is much higher when replacing metal objects instead of smaller balls.

Check the Battery and Electrical System

Generally, car batteries are designed to last between 4 to 6 years. Rain can affect the quality of your battery. Water and moisture can cause corrosion and bulging in different parts of your vehicle (for example if there are leaking cables) and thus kill the battery within a short period of time. In the rainy season, it is best to do this work in advance. If the car is showing any signs of disturbance in the electrical system or battery disturbance during the vehicle’s ignition it is best to incur expenses in advance. It’s better to spend money right now than to sleep on the road in a parked car at night.