How to choose the best safari company in Tanzania

Choosing a reliable travel agency for your Tanzania tour gives you the opportunity to have trouble-free and even choose for you the most beautiful and interesting national parks in the country. Although everyone on this planet has a dream to have a wildlife safari in Africa, it can actually go wrong in different ways if it’s not well planned.

There are thousands of safari companies operating in the country, and each of them will promise to offer you the best service and best prices on the market, but not all of them will do as they promise. Here we have put together main guidelines that you can follow to help you choose the best tour company for your safari to Tanzania.

Compare the prices

Even when you comparing the same safari package with the same one visiting the same attractions and national parks and in the same country, you will find that there is a huge difference in prices according to different safari companies. So the cheapest quotes the travel agency can offer is not always best and do not be surprised when the highest is the same. So how do you handle this? You have to look at the different tourist activities you are going to do, the destinations you going to explore and the accommodation in which you are going to stay according to your safari itinerary. Give more time quality/price ratio and, as far as possible, consult online the prices per person accommodation and activities to help you make a better comparison.

Look at the resources of the safari company

Before making payments for the safari with a certain tour company always take time to know the type of vehicles you will use on your safari and make sure it’s a 4×4 safari vehicle. Try to ask for pictures of the vehicle even on arrival take time and see whether the vehicle is in good conditions before you start the safari. In case you traveling in a group, make sure you that each of you get a window seat in the car so that everyone can get uninterrupted views. Since African safaris are more done in vehicle, meaning you will spend more time in the car while exploring different national parks, it’s also vital to have a good and comfortable safari vehicle.

Having a good tour guide is another important factor you should consider. Always feel free to ask the tour company about the tour guide they are going to give you, you have to know for how long he/she has been in the field to see the qualifications and the experience. Also the languages spoken by the tour guide that the tour company offers is another important factor to consider. He/she should be able to communicate in a language you understand and have several years of experience.
They must be able to acquire the equipment necessary for your activities and be duly authorized to conduct them, such as hiking.

Check the credibility of a tour company

Just like most online businesses are still impostors, to avoid being victimized, please check the reputation of the tour company before you do any transaction. Make sure it is registered with the government. The company should have a physical address, a stable property and they should be able to answer all of your questions. Another way you can know this is by checking the company reviews on some rating websites like trip advisors.

It is also known that a safari to any African country is very expensive and includes all inclusive, full board, transportation, international rates, airport transfers and a safari guide. You should be meticulous and examine the safari company under the magnifying glass.