Situations where Self-Drive Car Hire will be beneficial

Toward the start of this year, nobody had foreseen the current circumstance of the world to be how it is now. Prior, we could move freely in public transportation, with buses, taxis and Boda-bodas because it’s a convenient and easy way for all people going for work and for other reasons. However, currently, all things have changed because of the COVID-19 pandemic, travelling using public means of transport is currently not a safe option. With the lockdown, the economy slowed down. Yet, as slowly, the government is introducing some relaxations in the guidelines, travelling will likewise resume.

Since we have not yet found any cure for coronavirus now, all the safety measures ought to be followed strictly. Along these lines, when you travel, you have to make sure that you are very much protected. The perfect way to do that will be by shifting to personal mobility.

As things continue to change, travelling with public transport will not be safe again since not everyone owns a personal vehicle, at Rental Cars Uganda Ltd, we offer self-drive car rental services to all clients who would not want to risk their lives when travelling in these shared means of transportation. Rental Cars Uganda Ltd, introduced the Covid-19 price whereby the price is reduced by 20% for all clients booking a car for self-drive from November 2020 up to February 2021.

Here are some of the common situations where self-drive car hire will be the perfect means of transport for every person who doesn’t own a vehicle.


There are times you will need to visit the hospital after getting an emergency call, in that situation you can rent a self-drive vehicle from Rental Cars Uganda Ltd, by just calling our office and in less than 30 minutes the company will deliver the vehicle to anywhere you will be in Kampala at no extra fee. This will reduce the risk of associating with many people when you use these public buses and other means of shared public transportation.

Different emergencies can come up at any time, for example, you may be at the office and you get a call from home that your child is hurt when you need to rush to take your baby to the hospital when you need to rush your pregnant wife to the hospital, or there is also a situation where you will need to travel back to your hometown to meet your elderly parents. Rental Cars Uganda Ltd has made everything easy where in just 20-30minutes you can get yourself a vehicle for self-drive at a reduced price.

Nissan Patrol for Self-drive Hire in Uganda

In such situations, choosing a self-drive car hire will ensure that you can travel safely, and the vehicle can reach your location in less than 30 minutes when it’s well cleaned, and thoroughly sanitized to reduce the risk of transmission.

Pick Up Family Member from another City

Before travelling from one place to another was not a problem, whereby there is a lot of different cheap means of transportation, for example, there are long route busses from Kampala to up-country areas like Mbarara, Kabale, Gulu, Mbale and other distant areas of the country. But in such trying times, it’s important to exercise all preventive measure by avoiding all modes of transportation which involves many people. In the event let’s say, your pregnant wife wants to visit her mum or are sister from a different city, and you would not love to risk her life by travelling in public means of transport, you can just go online and check for Rental Cars Uganda Ltd and hire a one-way self-drive car and in just 30 minutes the vehicle will be at your gate and your wife will be set to travel in a private and safe way and another thing it will not need her to drive the car back it will be the car rental company to go pick the vehicle.

Travelling to work

Since the government is easing the lockdown, meaning life has to resume and business as to start again, but since there is no cure or vaccine for the virus yet, still we have to be careful and try to maintain social distancing. And this can be perfectly obtained by avoiding shared means of transportation by either using your personal vehicle when going to work or if you don’t have a car; Rental Cars Uganda Ltd has a solution for you whereby they have introduced 30% of clients hiring the vehicle for a month and above. You may also choose to take our self-drive car subscription on a weekly, monthly, yearly basis to ensure that your travel privately and safely in this chaotic situation.

Advantages of Self-Drive Car Hire

Not everyone can afford to buy a personal car yet everyone will need to travel and even be safe in this covid-19 period, the perfect way everyone can own a personal vehicle is by subscribing to self-drive car hire and enjoy the 40% discount. This subscription will advantage you where you will have full-time access to the vehicle without buying it, and another advantage will be the car rental company will be responsible to maintain that vehicle, like doing services, repair costs, and other mechanical issues will not be on your bill like it be when you buy a car.

Self-drive car hire is more affordable and you will be able to travel safely and even follow the social distancing guidelines more efficiently. We at Rental Cars Uganda Ltd, offer you thoroughly cleaned and sanitized vehicles and only that, all our vehicles are well maintained the thing which is also ensured to keep you secure and safe against all types of risks.

As it’s better to be safe than being sorry, you should choose to hire a self-drive vehicle so that you can travel safely and even maintain social distancing.