Essential Tips For a Successful East African Safari

In this article am going to give you the most essential tips you should keep in mind when organizing your safari itinerary in East Africa and making a successful and memorable safari.

Your safari is an investment in your future memories. I’m talking about those stories or emotions that will stay in your memory to create unforgettable bonds with your family, children, friends, and travel companions… And for the trip to be memorable, it must be perfectly planned and organized.

5 tips for making your trip a success:

1. Gather enough information about the destination

You should not visit Kenya or any other African destination and miss the main attraction because you were misinformed. You need to do enough research about the destination in case you planning a self-guided safari and in case you going on a guided safari that is where a credible and trusted travel agency like African Jungle Adventures Ltd, Simba Paka Safaris, and others come in to help you organize your travel itinerary because they have enough knowledge about the destination.

2- Ask for a competent and professional tour guide

It can be so annoying to you to plan your safari to one of your favorite destinations and miss the day’s tour because your tour guide/driver was late… You should choose a serious and competent tour agency that knows how to select its vehicles, drivers, and guides.

3- Book everything in advance

Am sure it can’t be a good idea to arrive in an unfamiliar land and waste your time searching for someone to arrange your transfer or organize your tour. Prior arrangements must be made and everything should be well-organized and booked in advance. In case you going for a self-drive safari, let your 4×4 safari vehicle be booked in advance so that by the time you arrive at the airport, you find it ready waiting for you to start your safari and the same thing must be done on hotels, and others. It is important to effectively manage your travel schedule.

4- Choose the destinations to visit well

You should not go to hotels just to sleep under the pretext that you want to see all the tourist spots! No. If you have to run around all day, your itinerary is poorly constructed… A good selection of places to visit allows you to determine the duration of your trip. No rushing. After all, you’re on vacation.

5- Good selection of hotel

It’s not reasonable to just sleep in the hotel again. After all, you’re on vacation and also need a break, to recharge with good energy, which the environment of your hotel will provide. So you need a good selection of hotels and not just a randomly purchased room on an online site because the price is attractive.