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What is the first thing that comes to your mind when are you planning your backpack vacation to any of your favorite destinations? This would be for your personal safety. While backpacking safaris are highly popular these days, in order to enjoy it to the maximum you would need to be ready for all those problems that could crop…

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East Africa – One Way Self Drive Car Rentals – Tips and Fees

Land Cruiser 78

Kigali One Way Self Drive Car Rentals East Africa is a special adventure gem when it comes to African safaris. It is hard to encompass the African continent on an African safari without considering a stop in Serengeti national park, Masai mara national reserve, and now Volcanoes national park in Rwanda. East Africa has a diversity of wildlife and…

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5 Tips for A Remarkable Camping Vacation in Uganda

5 Easy Packing Tips That Will Make Your Camping in Uganda Remarkable Your well-being and easiness at the camping ground depend majorly on the gear and essential items packed for the safari. Choosing what to pack is not a simple task. It is about packing the most vital items and getting the right weight. The weight of the equipment…

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Unique African Cultural Safaris: Uganda

Sezibwa Falls Uganda

Cultural Safaris In Uganda Cultural Safaris in Uganda offer tourists a great opportunity to discover unique traditions, norms, cultures, dances, lifestyles and so much more. When it comes to adventures in Uganda, tourists enjoy more than wildlife viewing experiences. Over 65 tribes all peacefully live in one country- Uganda and interestingly, Ugandans are among a few friendliest people in…

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Gorilla Trekking Tips: Best Time, Minimum Age, Cost, Fitness

Different stories have been told about gorilla trekking with some travelers describing it as a strenuous adventure. This has raised lots of questions such as how fit do I need to be for gorilla trekking? Does gorilla tracking require particular physical levels? It is true gorilla trekking in Uganda, Rwanda and D.R. Congo is a lifetime wildlife encounter but…

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Packing For An African Safari

African Safari

Packing for an African safari is so different from packing for other ordinary trips and most often, first-time travelers face challenges. There are several things to be put into consideration while on an African safari and essentially, safari-goers have to observe weight restrictions- a typical weight restriction is 15kgs per tourist and this should include camera equipment plus carry-ons….

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