5 Tips for A Remarkable Camping Vacation in Uganda

5 Easy Packing Tips That Will Make Your Camping in Uganda Remarkable

Your well-being and easiness at the camping ground depend majorly on the gear and essential items packed for the safari. Choosing what to pack is not a simple task. It is about packing the most vital items and getting the right weight. The weight of the equipment and space to put them can be an issue, particularly during transit or even when engaging in some activities.

Follow these 5 simple packing tips for camping:

  • Make a list

Coming up with a list of vital items is surely important and helpful while packing for your safari. Most importantly when it is the first to go on a camping expedition. Categorize the items in different sections like camping gear, clothing, cooking tools, personal items, and sanitary items

While packing, ensure to tick the items so that you don’t leave out something significant. If you have no clue what to pack for your safari, go online to look out for the ideal items for camping. Pick what is needed and cancel out what is unnecessary.

  • Use clear plastic bins

It is wise to pack items separately into sections so you can spare time when you reach the camping ground. Plastic bags are important, it makes your work of finding anything you wish to use from the boxes easy.

Put label stickers at each plastic bin for example cooking tools (plates, pans, cups, glasses, and cutlery) camping gear (tent, mattresses, and sleeping bags), foods (canned foods, snacks, and so on) sanitary items (soap, jelly, sanitizer, insect repellents, etc.). Those are the groupings you may begin with.

  • Check the weather forecast

Consider the time you will be going for your self-drive camping vacation in Uganda. The country has two climatic seasons, the dry spell and the wet one. The dry spell comprises January through Mid-March, June to mid-October, and December, and the wet season consists of April-May and November. Therefore, should pack items based on the climatic conditions to experience at the time of your trip.

Note that Uganda’s weather is one of the craziest in the world, no matter the season, it is warm during the day and relatively cold at night. So, bring one or two-layer clothes to wear during the day and a sweater for the night. You also have to carry a raincoat because it can rain anytime regardless of the climatic season.

  • Plan your meals

Food is one of the most essential items to carry on your selfdrive camping safari. Life can become simple in the jungle if you plan your meals ahead and do the preparation work at home beforehand. Be sure to opt for easy-to-cook meals and to bring extra in case of an emergency. When packing snacks, remove carton packaging to save space.

  • Smart packing of items in the rental car

When loading your camping items in the rental car, ensure to put the ones that you will need urgently last so that you can easily access them when you reach the camping ground.

Following the above tips, your camping vacation in Uganda will be convenient and remarkable.